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I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on this one other than to say that Bubble sucks. I’ve tried several projects with it just to have my layout end up being screwed up. I do think recent versions have improved as they seem to be moving to a flexbox model.


Most of the menus overlay the design making it difficult to work with, especially layers. Also not an easy way to save styles to be reused.


So far, this seems very promising. I’m building a site on it now and was able to figure everything out relatively quickly. The layers sidebar threw me off at first but it quickly became super helpful in moving items around and ordering them where they needed to be. Styles are easy to create and reuse.

Wanted to add a loading icon while the form is submitting…unfortunately you can’t. Per tech support, the form submission must come right after the element action, which doesn’t allow for showing a simple loading screen.


This is legit. Pretty much has any feature you could want. So disappointed you can’t send data directly into the CMS. It’s a lot of work to use Zapier to do the connections, especially if you make a small mistake.


Retool looks awesome, but expensive. To customize the login pages you’re paying over $50/user/month.




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